The Ascend program has been designed to facilitate life-transforming moments with God. We have been blessed to see the fruit of these moments over and over again in the lives of the people who have completed the 10-day program. We have seen that worship is not about talent, but about the position of the heart, which is why musical ability is not a requirement for coming on our program. The message of Ascend is for anyone who loves to worship the Lord, and who is hungry for the presence of God.

One of the things that the Ascend team offers is the ability to bring a taste of the Ascend Carmel program to you, where you are, by the team coming to run a conference in your location!

We realise that it is not realistic to bring your whole congregation away for 10-days at cost, so we have worked hard to create a taster conference framework that we can travel to you. Usually a conference would last 2 -3 days, and we work with your team to incorporate your vision for your people in with the message of Ascend.

An Ascend tailored conference can include a combination of:

  • teachings from the 10-day program

  • unique, practical, challenging and developmental workshops

  • the sound from Israel

  • extended times of worship

  • a passion to work with you, where you are at.

If you are interested in hosting an Ascend conference where you are, please fill out the form below and we can begin a conversation!

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