WhEn is then next program?

Our next programs will run

April 17 - April 27, 2020

April 9 - April 19, 2021

When can I arrive?

We do recommend that you book a flight that arrives on the Friday morning ahead of the program starting on Friday evening (accounting for public transport to close down for shabbat just after lunch)

However, we do realise that this can be challenging and not always possible. We have worked with our guest house to make it possible for arrivals to be able to commence on Thursday ahead of the program starting on Friday. This is particularly available for long haul flights from the States and Asia. If you wish to take advantage of this you will be charged an extra $35 for B&B.

Please note, Ascend cannot facilitate or book any other extra nights at our guest house. If you wish you come earlier or stay longer you will need to book privately as an external guest.

Who can apply?

Anyone who is a disciple of the Lord, and has a passion for worship and intercession. We suggest 21 as a minimum age, but this is a guideline, if you're younger, feel free to apply! 

**It is not necessary for all applicants to be musicians or singers to do the musical track** however, we do prefer that applicants have some experience participating in a worship  environment, but we take each application on a case by case basis, so we invite you to apply!

We like to have a quick informal ‘interview’ with every applicant to try and get to know you a little, before you arrive, so if we have any concerns or questions, we can talk them through during this time.


What is the deadline for applying for the program?

The deadline for the 2020 program is February 12th. 

Please note that all participants must complete an online pre-requisite course before attending, so please keep time for that in mind when applying.

Is there an Early Bird application discount?

Yes, we offer 10 ‘early bird’ places per program! These work on a ‘first come first served’ basis, and the deadline for receiving one of these places for our 2020 program is October 1st 2019.


Can I defer my place to a different program?

We are aware that things do come up for people, so we do allow one deference allowing applicants to postpone their trip and to come to the following program. However, it is only possible to do that once, and any deposit made will be non-refundable and subject to program cost changes.


Can I invite people to come along for a day?

No. This is a closed program, during which we work very hard to create a safe and respected place where all participants can truly have a deep encounter with God. We have found that having people dropping in and out of the program hasn’t helped this process, and can create an unsettled feeling.

That being said, there are a few open sessions during the program, like worship watches and worship night, which anyone is welcome to attend.


Is there a maximum age limit?

No, but we do recommend being in good physical condition due to living at altitude on a mountain, as well as being able to make the trips. This assessment will be made on a case by case basis.


Am I guaranteed a place on the program?

No, no one applying is guaranteed a place on the program. We prayerfully consider and interview every applicant, and you will be notified by email whether you have been accepted or not.


What is the cost of the program?

The cost of the Ascend Carmel 10-Day program is $1950.


Do I need to bring my instrument or art supplies?

If you play a small, portable instrument, you are welcome to bring it, but it is not required.
If you like to engage with God creatively, there are opportunities for you to sketch, paint and be creative. We do provide some materials for some specific times, but recommend that you bring your own supplies as well.


Are group discounts available?

Yes, we have a sliding percentage group discount system, the larger the group, the larger the discount per person.
This would be discussed through email and be individually calculated for each group application.


Can I serve and receive a discount?

We offer two serving roles on each program, these are for Ascend alumni who wish to return to serve.


Are there bursaries or scholarships available?

Our bursaries are dependant on donations, and so aren’t a guarantee. If you have financial concerns, we would advise you to apply and mention in your application that you would like to talk through financial help in your interview.  Bursaries and scholarships are sometimes available.


What does this money cover?

The cost covers everything except your flights and tranfers, and, of course your personal spending money!


What does this NOT cover?

This does not cover your flight, and transfers to and from the airport.


When do I have to pay?

We need to have a non-refundable deposit of $500 when accepted, to secure your place.

The rest of your balance is paid at registration which opens at 16.00 on the opening night. During Registration each participant will sit personally with our Coordinator, settle balances and receieve a personalised welcome and a chance to answer any concernes or voice any jitters!


Will I need my own transport?

You will need to get yourself to Haifa, and to our guest house on arrival to Israel. Once you are with us, you will need no more transport. Please be aware that if you are arriving on a Friday, the public transport stops early afternoon for Shabbat. Please ensure you either arrive the night before, or before the trains stop on Friday, this occurs around 2-3pm.

If you wish to arrive the day before, please note you will charged a small amount extra (approximately $35). This will include breakfast but not further food will be provided until the program begins.  The guest house is very local to the centre of Haifa where there is an abundance of cafes and shops.

The train from the airport is a very straightforward journey of just over an hour, leaving from within the airport terminal, and arriving on the beach at Haifa, where a taxi, sherut (mini bus taxi that follows the bus routes) or bus can be taken up the mountain to our address.


Will I need a laptop?

You will not need to complete any assignments while on the program, but if you wish to take notes, you may want to do this on your laptop or tablet. We recommend that you do not come without a means of being in touch with family and friends, who will want to be sure they are able to reach you as well.


How long is the program?

10 Days – please note that the program doesn’t end until the evening of the final day!


What type of topics will be covered?

The 10-day programs include topics related to our 3 part worship journey: Accessing His presences, Pure Heart and 'To see God'. Some of these topics are as follows:

  • The tabernacle

  • Hearing the voice of God

  • walking in your destiny

  • intercessory prayer

  • the practical sides of worship leading

  • pruning for greater fruitfulness

  • Separation for preparation

  • walking in authority and power

  • learning to interceed

  • Pure heart.... and many more


Are you accepting international applicants?

Yes, this is an international program, anyone may apply, however, please note that there are some countries for which Israel requires a special entry visa (not the usual tourist visa issued upon arrival). If that is the case for the country you are from, we are not currently able to help with that. Also, applicants should be aware that all of our teaching is delivered in English and we cannot provide translation. Therefore a good understanding of English is necessary to participate in this program.


Is there childcare?

No, there is no childcare available to families at this time. We do not recommend attending the program with children.


Can married couples apply?



Is there a discount for married couples?

For married couples we can either offer both places at the early bird rate of $1700 if they apply together, and while the discount is valid. This provides a discount of $350 for both people, a total of $700 for the couple.

Alternatively, if the early bird discount has finished, we can give a 10% discount off the combined cost.

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