This is an option we have developed due to worship and ministry teams wanting to have a closed program which is usually shorter, and with a personalised itinerary.

Groups are usually more than 15, and the program we build usually lasts between 4 and 6 days. The amount of travelling and touring can be decided according to your budget and vision for the trip.

We believe that there is something very special about encountering God in the land of Israel, and our message is one which is highlighted by the places we choose to incorporate into our program. We work to make sure we create a tailored visit which is as impacting as it can be, while remaining a closed environment for your team to grow together. Prices are calculated according to preferred itinerary.

Our tailored programs can include:

  • Ascend speakers and messages

  • trips and tours to prophetic sites around Israel

  • accommodation provided within our ministry

  • guest speakers from around Israel

  • connecting with local believers and houses of prayer

  • unique, practical, challenging and developmental workshops

  • extended times of worship

  • personalised itinerary

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