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The 10-day program includes a three-part journey which begins with entering into the presence of the Lord and presenting ourselves before Him, according to the patterns for worship as seen in the tabernacle. This is followed by a segment focusing on a pure heart, pruning for greater fruitfulness, and separation as preparation. The final section of the journey is seeing Him, which brings forth transformation, power and authority, focussing on you taking a step out in renewed zeal into your destiny. 

Our program has 3 tracks to choose from;

  • Musical worship track

  • Creativity track

  • Intercession track

Each participant signs up to join one of these tracks at the application stage. Please note that by signing up to one of these, you will not lose out hearing about the others. There are times for corporate teaching and practice of all of these skills and topics. However, we do take time each day to either hone, craft or practice our skills as separate groups also.

Each part of the 10-day journey includes a trip to various prophetic destinations in Israel, connecting with houses of prayer in other locations, and exploring the interweaving of worship and intercession. 

Speakers and guest worship leaders include: Karen Davis, Sarah Liberman, Steve Carpenter, Joshua Aaron, Peter Tsukahira and more..

Accommodations during the program are at Beit Yedidia, our conference centre and guest house located in central Haifa. Teachings, worship, and workshops will take place both on the top of Mount Carmel in the Kehilat HaCarmel worship sanctuary, and at times at Beit Yedidia. Transport is provided. 

To fill out an application form or as questions please visit 'Take Action' and we will be in contact shortly.

Our next programs will run

April 17 - 27, 2020

Please note: Group discounts are available, please visit the FAQ page for further details, or use the ‘ function.

Places we visit 

  • Muchraqua - where the fire fell on Mount Carmel

  • Kehilat HaCarmel ministry centre

  • The Sea of Galilee

  • Magdala

  • David's city

  • Mount of Olives

  • Gethsemane

  • The Western Wall

  • The Judean desert

  • Ein Gedi

  • The Dead Sea

  • The Old City

  • Multiple Houses of Prayer around the county

  • Caesarea

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