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The Ascend Carmel 10-day program is designed for anyone who loves to worship the Lord, to access His presence , encounter Him and be changed.

Worship is not just a musical activity, and musical ability is supported but not required to attend our 10-day program. Our programs will ignite in you a journey of transformation of the heart, of listening to God's voice, exploring intercessory worship, and being released further into your personal destiny in God through intensive training, touring and practical worship workshops

“I almost want to say, don’t continue your life without coming here!”

Sonia Smith – South Africa
There could not be a better team of seasoned leaders and mentors for this
journey. Every one of them provided something different but equally impacting. The worship was intimate. It was ushered in with reverence and humility. Ascend provided more spiritual value than I could have hoped. It’s time to go FORWARD!
— Austin Fritz - USA

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